Hilda Kahra
Born 1985. Trollhättan. Sweden
Contact: jenjen.k<AT>

BA in Fine arts from Turku university of applied sciences. Turku. Finland 2016. 

Taideakatemia - Turun AMK. Turku. Suomi 2012 - 2016
Guest program - Royal institute of art. Stockholm. SWE 2014 - 2015
Nordland kunst og filmfagskole. Lofoten. Norge 2011–2012
Glokala folkhögskolan. Malmö. Sweden  2011–2011
Ölandsfolkhögskola. Skogsby. Sweden 2007–2008
Magnus Åbergsgymnasiet. Trollhättan. Sweden 2002–2005

Group exhibitions 
2017. Konstepideminsdag. Konstepidemin. Göteborg. SWE
2017. Fluxations 2017 feat. VAFT – Screening & Artist Talk. Turku. FIN
2017. Open stage. Växjö Konsthall. Vaxjö. SWE
2016. Encounters. Galleri Mejan. Stockholm. SWE
2016. In to your soloarplexus (book release) Fylkingen. Stockholm. SWE
2016. Uppstairs Basement II. Stockholm. SWE
2016. Combulate my face. Culture Factory Polymer. Tallinn. EST
2016. Inner conflicts. Sofia Underground International Performance festival. Sofia. BG
2016. Life is not all shoot shoot bang bang. Kungliga Akademien för de fria konsterna. Stockholm.SWE
2015. Porin juhlaviikot .Galleria 3H+K. Pori. FIN
2015. Cross point. Opcja gallery. Krakow. POL
2015. Nobody passes. Museum of cultural history. Oslo. NOR
2015. Open Spaces. Royal institute of art. Stockholm. SWE
2015. Vår salong! Hölö. SWE
2015. Nobody Passes. Galleri KiT. Trondheim. NO
2015. Performance Proletarians / Hit the North. Andquestionmark. Stockholm. SWE
2015. Royal intersectionality. Kunsthalle Bern. Bern. CH
2015. Don`t they know...? Landmark Bergen. Bergen. NO
2014. Luonto on hidas! Porin juhlaviikot. Pori. FIN
2014. Utbyte exhibition. Konstfack. Stockholm. SWE
2014. Axevallan ruotsinsuomalaisten kesä. Axevalla. SWE
2014. Untitled_. Koskela & Kahra performanssi. Galleria B. Turku. FIN
2014. Kaikki osaa PIIRTÄÄ. Linnankadun kirjastossa Turun AMK. Turku. FIN 
2014. Videotaide ja lyhytelokuvat valtaavat Perin!. Peri. Turku.FIN 
2013. Normal mould. Koskela & Kahra performance. Kauppakeskus Forum. Turku. FIN
2013. Tuggtankar. Ensi-ilta. Folkets bio. Malmö. SWE 
2013. 27 Näkymää todellisuuteen. Köysiratagalleria. Turku. FIN 
2012. Forfra. Nordnorsk kunstnersenter. Svolvær. NOR
2012. På vei hjem?. Hamsunsenteret. Hamarøy. NOR
2012. Nova. Mo i Rana museum. Mo i Rana. NOR

Kiesmatic Collective
2016. All by my self @ B-galleria. Turku. FIN 
2016. World wide wind shelter @ Olohuone tapahtuma 306.4. Turku. FIN
2016. In a Table state of mind @ New Performance Nights vol1. Tehdas Teatteri. Turku. FIN
2016. Speach @ Jaakko Pesonenexhibition "Human Class". Photocenter Peri. Turku. FIN
2015. Puhdistus @ Överart. Turku. FIN

Curated shows

2016. Body Error. Magito Gallery. Helsinki. FIN 
Stipends and Grant
2016. Finnish Art Society. The young artist grant. Helsinki. FIN
2016. Turun piirustuskoulun ystävät. Turku. FIN 
2011. Växthusstöd. Boost HBG. Helsingborg. SWE

Filmcentrum Syd. Malmö. SWE
Kiesmatic - Artgroup. Turku. FIN

 Remonttiruusu (2011) 

Direkt indirekt (2011)

The importance of watching telly (2011)

Stryk,älskling (2012)


Group Exhibition: Encounters 
Title: Elk at the unemployment office
Production year: 2016
Curator: Diana Agubiade-Kolawole
Place: Galleri Mejan. Stockholm. SE

My BA work from Turku University of Applied Sciences.
Turku. Finland. 2016


Work site / Työmaa is a long duration performance lasting from the 14th of April to 21 of April 2016. The performing act runs 24/h during these days. The performance starts in Turku, Finland and runs through Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and reaches it`s final destination in Sofia Bulgaria.

- I remember my father as a proud worker at the factory of GM owned Saab Auto mobile industries in Trollhättan Sweden. Even during the factory semester my father was dressed in his working clothes. The semester was mostly spent among relatives on the countryside of Finland.

By wearing my fathers old working clothes from the SAAB factory, I contemplate over self definition, working hours and class background. During my trip through Europe I investigate the unemployment situation of my generation. The performance reflects the old thought of having a work, and by this belonging to a context.  

Sweden Finns is a minority group in Sweden. Their is about 300 000 Sweden Finns living across Sweden. As one of the biggest minority groups in Sweden, this group is barely represented in institutions, the mainstream culture or in the public discussions. The biggest group of Sweden Finns arrived to Sweden in the 1950,60 and 1970s Most of them came from the countryside, where their life-standard had been poor.  The Finns was considered as good workers and were offered employment at different factories across Sweden.

- For many Sweden Finns work, replaced the culture and family that was left behind in their home country. In a multicultural context the work site and work clothes maintained a sense of belonging and identity.

The performance points towards the nostalgia of industries as the employers.
A worker who does not have a factory to go to becomes a dusty ghost in a city landscape, stuck between the will to work and the disappearance of the actual work site.

My working schedule consisted of 3 different acts; taking selfies, reading and drawing. I put down the working hours on a work sheet for part time workers.

During the performance I read Mari Lindmans doctoral dissertation "Work and non work; On work and meaning" (Åbo akademi, Finland, 2015).



Form: Performance art, Video art, Action and Music
Curated by: Hilda Kahra in cooperation with Antonín Brinda.

Production year: Feb 2016
Place: Magito Gallery. Kaasutehtaankatu 1. Helsinki. FIN

Body Error is an un-secured place in the body of the performer.
Body Error`s birthday was celebrated the day our eyes met.
Body Error will occupy your space, hopefully you can give it your respectful time.


Haruna travelled with a stone in her mouth from Japan, through Moscow to Helsinki. At Body Error Hirano talked about time and finally she climbed the stairs and spit out the stone on the audience.

During Body Error performance evening Ramina was serving te and having a conversation with the guests who joined her on a small set-up in one of the corners of the Magito Gallery. 

Antoníns latest artistic research is concerned with the urbanism and its relation to human body. Themes such as ideology, sexuality, nudity or antiutopia/dystopia can be found in Antonín's work.

For Body Error Diana performed via Live stream from Paris. Dianas performance was titled "Let me fix you or I will fix you". In the performance Diana fixed body parts on persons she had photographed on the streets of Paris.

Heidis works treat issues related to topics such as sleeping, sentiment, gender, language or border states of consciousness in general. For Body Error Heidi made a longdurational performance about her relationship to the light in the north.

Hilda was holding a action where she was selling works from her contemporary art collection titled "Pussies".
Artiest represented in Pussies collection:

VINDI KARLOS from Rovaniemi played some songs. 
MERZEDES STURM-LIES (SE/BE/NO) video work "TRIOT: Peacock + Horse + Dog" (2011). 




Form: Performance / Book release
Title: Blueprint
Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2016
Curator: Donatella Bernardi
Place: Fylkingen. Stockholm. SE
Photos taken by:Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole and Aimee Hofsøy.

Description: It all starts with a video, where a person locks hen self in to a small toilet and starts to shoot at hen self true a mirror. Small pictures are handled to the audience of the painting "Eco and Narcissus" by John William Waterhouse (1903). I attach a small tablet to my belly. The tablet loops a video of the sound from the famous Spanish song "lambada" and a looping GIF-animation of a belly-bottom in black and white. I start to squeeze meatballs with my feet in front of and between the legs of the people in the audience. I stop. I start a new video, a therapy video about love and stars. I take a black glove and a package of sour-milk. I pour the sour-milk over my self. I stand still. I exit.


Therapy video about love and stars.


Form: Performance 
Title: Loving you is easy `cause there is only me,me,me.
Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2016
Curator: Harry Maberly and Co
Place:Culture factory Polymer. Tallinn. Estonia
Pictures taken by: Laurien Bachmann and Unknow person in audience.

Description: This performance takes it`s  starting point in the painting "Echo and Narcissus" oil painting by John William Waterhouse (1903). I dance with a flower, while the microphone is pointed at the podium, echoing the sound of the shaking podium. I walk around and show my glove to the audience. Inside the glove, in the palm, there is a little mirror glued.  When people look at them selves in the mirror (or try to touch it) I click a clicker that is used for training dogs to behave well. I pour milk in a big jar and start to pull the hand with the glove back and forth inside the jar. I show everyone. A person in the audience is asked to take pictures of me with my own camera while I do it. 5 pictures are taken by the person. In the final end, I sit on the podium and sing a song which I just remember the start of " loving you is easy `casue you are beautiful...every time we meet it`s like...tjalala la?"


Form: Performance
Titel of my performance: Practical perfection, tryout 2.
Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2016
Curator: Sofia underground Team
Place:National Palace of Culture (NDK). Sofia. BG
Documentation over the festival:


Form: Performance / Group exhibition / Life is not all Shoot Shoot Bang Bang.
Titel of my performance: Practical perfection, tryout 1.
Duration: 25 min
Production year: 2016
Curator: Merzedes Sturm-Lie
Place: Kungliga Akademien för de fria konsterna. Stockholm. SWE
More here:


Form: Performance
Duration: 15 min
Production year: 2015
Curator: Markus Luiro
Place: Porin juhlaviikot. Galleria 3H+K. Pori. FIN